Join the Esports Betting Revolution through Betway

The gambling industry is always undergoing countless innovations and how an establishment adapts to them contributes greatly to their success which is why it is plain to see how Betway has managed to always stay on the upper echelon of the industry especially now that they have integrate an e sports betting on their prestigious web-based waging establishment.

Betway has produced hundreds of different games in the course of their career since it was founded and opened its doors to the public on the year 2006. The site has remained reputable and trustworthy ever since, bringing nothing short of the most spectacular games from poker, bingo, casino games, sportsbetting and finally, their newly-owned e sports section that goes to show how they always go with the trends.

Their e sports section contains various games which includes World of Tanks, Heroes of Storm, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Dota 2 and the ever-famous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive also known as CSGO. Aside from their diverse games, they also have different options to quench your waging thirst. They have options to bet on who manages to have 10 kills first, what team will triumph in a match, who will get the first blood and a whole lot more.

The countries where this kind of betting is legal will all be welcomed with a stunning £30.00 promotion for those who are new customers. Aside from this welcome bonus they've prepared, the site have also prepared tons of other benefits like a loyalty promotion, which as the name implies, will gain you more benefits the more you play on the site. The points you accumulate on the system are equal to a specific amount of real-time money which makes it more worthwhile to play on their site. If you're planning to participate in the trend of e sports betting, Betway is definitely you're way to go especially with their mobile application that will allow you to have fun wherever you go.

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