Who is Mark Cuban?

Known through various achievements in sports, business and even in the writing world, Mark Cuban has made his name resound all across different fields, making him extremely iconic in the eyes of many. He's a renowned author, philanthropist, a television personality, a revered investor and even an esteemed American Businessman. Even with this bountiful amount of titles on his list, he is also the known owner of the Famous NBA Team, Dallas Mavericks, along with Magnolia Pictures and Landmark Theatres.

Aside from those, Cuban is also the chairman that stands above the management of HDTV AXS TV Cable Network. You'll also be able to get a glimpse of Mark Cuban on the famous T.V. series today entitled the Shark Tank. On his career as an author, he was able to publish a phenomenal book about the journey he had in his life, across his sports and business career entitled, 'How to Win at the Sports of Business', which is truly inspiring for countless people everywhere, including the team at Bionic Panda Games.

Pittsburg Pennsylvania was the start of the journey of Mark Cuban when he was born on the 31st of July, year 1958 on that place. Chabenisky was what their family used as their last name at first, however, after a sequence of events in his childhood, his grandfather by-birth changed it to Cuban as they transfer to Ellis Island from Russia. At the age of 12, he had experienced his first step and taste of the business world even in the simplest way of aiming for a basketball shoes where he sold garbage bags to attain it.

Mark Cuban was first, a bartender, then became a salesperson where he immediately got fired after no more than a year had passed since he prioritized opening a business and met a client rather than opening and operating the store. He established his own company which flourished and afterwards, he sold it where he collected a total of $2 million dollars. He also had a stunning Audionet and Broadcast Career along with the investments and startups he managed that eventually led to his success. He has already made a name for himself and later on, he was given a role on a television series - the Shark Tank. He also earned the Magnolia Pictures and had more achievements than you can count that just makes him unquestionably outstanding.

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