Path in Joining the Social Gaming Revolution

Social networking sites have definitely conquered and dominated the internet and from it, came the concept of Bionic Panda Games, a social gaming company and creator of the popular Aqua Pets Social Game. Countless amount of people have produced diverse sets of reaction to this type of games wherein some are pro while others aren't much of a fan of the idea. There are countless of games available in this category and three of them are undeniably making hits and rounds across the entire internet - making themselves more renowned as we speak.

The first one is the Second Life wherein many users have come all across the globe, building communities with social relationship as the core, while they enjoy playing arcade-like games. You slash out a good sum of money from your pocket, use it on your account, and play so that you can earn your money back. Games in the system includes choices like Tetris, Tiny Empires, Shuffleboard and more. Evidently, the games are lacking of the heated adventure that many players love to see and experience which is why there are groups who approves it and those who are against it.

If you're also looking to kill time through social gaming, the Casual Collective is also a feasible choice that will render you with countless games for you to choose from as well. It has games from classic Tower Defense, Word games such as Farragomate and strategy and action games like Minions. Many other interesting options exist if you want to try something more serious and you want to test your luck. If you are up for a spin, or a clasic glame of blackjack, we got you covered. Most of these games are available at BlackjackTwo which in our opinion you should definitively check out.

Out of the existing choices today, there's also the huge hit entitled 'Whirled', which is certainly at the pinnacle of social gaming today. The whirled features tons of games for players to choose from while they also explicit a choice of making your own game through their open-source libraries. Its games are for free, but you can use your money to boost your experience within the game. This type of games are definitely innovative, however, it's definitely going to take a lot more than these, for it to become more popular than the games today.

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