Vacation Slots From Bionic Panda Games - A Game With No Problems?

Vacation Slots was a slots game developed by Bionic Panda Games, a social gaming company from San Francisco, California. One of their first games was a social game called Aqua Pet. This was an application that was designed for use on Android phones where players could get involved collecting beautiful exotic fish, as well as other colorful sea creatures to inhabit a game aquarium.

Regrettably there were unresolved technical issues, so it was interesting to see how their later Vacation Slots would fare. Would it too be fraught with problems their team could not resolve? Would this app also fail to install properly, with those at the company again unsure as to why they had no control over the application process?

Certainly the game app seemed to be a more interesting theme, everyone likes anything to do with vacations, and this slot game was about vacationing in different exotic locations around the globe, what could be more exciting than that?

Compliments of this game, the player whilst vacationing was immersed in a 5-star world of high quality, highly detailed fun art representing places, different foods and highlights of glamor cities that they visited. Being on this one of a kind vacation they would be finding and collecting souvenirs unique to their vacation spot, from such places as Bora Bora, Moscow, Venice, Tokyo, Beijing Barcelona and Sydney. This Bionic Panda game was a real hit, becoming very popular among mobile gamers in various countries. The quality of the game was proven by site, where it was picked as one of the best arcade slot games that can be played both for free and real money.

Relax, enjoy and have fun, players were told for this game strictly for the over 21's, and why not with the supposed ability to combine the unbridled excitement of playing slot machines dovetailed with the ability to travel around the globe! Here they could use a slot machine app themed with the ability to whisk the player off to some of the world's most exciting and interesting destinations, woo hoo!

Unfortunately, this new found reality again did not quite measure up. One player stated that when they were playing other slots and saw an 'add to play' button for Vacation Slots, they tried for 3 days and could not get it to work. When they did eventually manage to download it, they couldn't get the wheels to spin. Added to a string of previous unresolved issues perhaps the writing was on the wall that would ultimately lead to the startup closing down. Time to take a break.

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